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  1. PAYMENT DUE NOW! Subject to final confirmation upon receipt of full payment by credit card, check or direct deposit to STI nominated bank account.
    • Payment must be made immediately to transmit any reservation for positive space confirmation.
    • STI will confirm the reservation and issue our vouchers only after receipt of payment. Vouchers will be e-mailed.
    • STI will pay commission to agent for credit card sales only after guest has paid their credit card account to their bank!
    • Any reservation(s) cancelled by card holder or their travel agent AFTER issue of STI invoice or confirmation of availability will incurr a MINIMUM USD 25.00 handling charge which will be debited to the designated credit card.
  2. If original supplier requested is not available at time of receipt of payment, another similar supplier will be offered automatically. If nothing available, NO charge will be made to the designated credit card!
    • Any change in reservations made after payment received and/or vouchers are issued, are subject to a minimum handling charge of USD 25.00.
  3. STI will send you the exchange voucher by e-mail!
    • The self printout of original e-mailed exchange vouchers are valid for service from the suppliers.
    • Your own voucher will NOT be accepted!
    • STI will not re-issue lost or stolen exchange vouchers!
  4. Reservations are only accepted on following basis:
    • Reservations cancelled less than 14 days before arrival are not refundable under any circumstances!
    • If any refund applies, it will be returned to the original credit card used, if payment is made by another method, then payment will be sent back by same method. Handling charges apply to process refunds!
    • No refund for unused portion of any partly used reservations!
  5. Commission for credit card sales placed by a travel agent will be sent to the agent in the month after completion of travel arrangements! Commission payment will be made directly to travel agent bank account as shown in the confirmed WEB listing for the agent. If agent is not listed on STI web site, agent will be sent a commission check deducting a MANUAL HANDLING CHARGE of USD 25.00 for this service.
    • All credit card sales accepted only on this basis from travel agents, who will be held fully responsible for the gross amount due if the clients refuse payment on their credit card for any reason!
      STI will charge to the travel agent a fee for any credit card presented by a travel agent that is DECLINED or INVALID!
    • Payments received from travel agents by an agency check or direct bank deposit, may be paid for net amount due after deducting all commission.
  6. Terms are applicable in all cases whether such advised to purchaser in writing or not at all.
  7. STI reserves the right to alter, amend or change these terms in any way at our discretion with or without notice to purchasers!


    In the unlikely event that STI has to take any kind of court action for non-payment or other reasons, the venue for this is agreed upon as being any Court in the State of California, United States of America.


    STI Reservations.com, Specialty Tours - International and all associated STI companies act only as agents for the suppliers of services involved and will not accept any liability of whatever nature for the acts, omissions, injury, damage, delay, loss or default whether negligent or otherwise of suppliers providing the services purchased through STI.


    • All rates pertaining to all services/accommodations requested of STI include handling fees consisting of communication expenses incurred to obtain reservations. Rates also may differ due to local currency rate fluctuation. STI will not be held responsible for any differences between rates paid prior to departure and locally posted rates, and absolutely NO REFUNDS will be made for such possible price discrepancies.
    • Should a credit card submitted for payment be DECLINED or is INVALID or REJECTED for any reason by the card holder's credit card provider, a charge of USD 25.00 will be due and payable to STI by check, AND the reservation(s) required will NOT be processed untill FULL PAYMENT of TOTAL AMOUNT INVOLVED is paid by check and received by STI including any additional fees involved.
    • Any reservation(s) cancelled by card holder or their travel agent AFTER issue of STI invoice, will incur a MINIMUM USD 25.00 handling charge which will be debited to the credit card.
    • Any reservation(s) cancelled by card holder or their travel agent AFTER issue of STI voucher without proper notification to STI, will incurr the FULL PAYMENT PLUS A MINIMUM USD 25.00 handling charge which will be debited to the credit card.
      • VS: VISA
      • DC: DISCOVER


    Thank You For Working With STI.

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